Who are


Selecta Projects, the commercial division of the Selecta Group, rises from the demand of clients that require extraordinary products with technical specifications, adequate for their commercial activities. This brought us to develop alliances with architects, national and international designers to import and install the elements they suggest. These alliances have turned into strong commercial bonds with internationally renowned factories that have all the necessary quality certifications and warranties our clients demand.

We are distributors and representatives of the factories that produce all sorts of lining and interiors for hotels, hospitals, banks, corporate offices, processing plants, schools, convention centers, casinos, bars, restaurants, airports, etc. We offer “wall coverings”, vinyl floors, anti-bacterial floor and wall linings, laminated floors, rugs of all types, blinds, curtains and much more.

In Selecta Projects, we provide you with planning, consulting, logistics, import, storage, installation and of course extended factory warranty. We take care of everything.

We invite you to visit our showroom where you’ll dive into a world of options to choose from.



To be the #1 option in decorative finishes for commercial projects in Panama.


Offering decorative finishes and integrative solutions that provide the ideal environment in each commercial project on a national level.

A Sample of what

Our Clients ask for

Rolling or modular rugs for high traffic, baseboards, wall coverings, decorative divisions and stage curtains.
Vinyl floors with the technical specifications required by these clients. Dirt trapping carpets.
Corporate Offices
Rugs, wall coverings, floors, blinds, curtains.
Convention Centers
Special rubber for stairs, rolling and modular rugs with special fitted designs, curtains for amphitheater, blinds, curtains, wall coverings, wall soundproofing, dirt catching carpets.
Anti-bacterial vinyl for operating rooms, vinyl floors, hygienic vinyl wall coverings for rooms and hallways, emergency room curtains, blinds or blackouts for windows, special fabrics for waiting room tapestry, rooms.
Special carpets for each room area, hallways, meeting rooms, event halls, offices, dirt trapping carpets. Mattresses with hotel certification, decorative and acoustic wall coverings for rooms, sporting floors for gyms, artificial grass, fabric curtains with fire retardant (American certified), blinds with special rails (manual or motorized).